We are proud to announce the release of Baltimore-Washington In'tl airport for P3Dv4. KBWI is the main airport by passengers in the Washington area, with more than 26 million passengers annually this is a very important airport in the US.

We have released the P3dv4 version, we planned on an FSX version but some limitations were giving us serious visual issues that we couldn't yet find a solution to. If we do expect an FSX version too.

  • Highly detailed terminal modelling and texturing
  • Detailed interior modelling of the terminal and FBO
  • Seasonal textures and features managed via a configuration tool
  • Animated SODE Jetways
  • Highly detailed ground polygons, with different shaders and effects
  • Excellent night lighting, effects and custom runway lights
  • Highly detailed 5m mesh
  • 15 square miles of photo scenery
  • Thousands of hand-placed autogen objects