LatinVFR Baltimore-Washington KBWI for P3dv4 update 1.1 fix list
July 10th 2018
Uninstall by manually removing the LatinVFR Baltimore folder in your documents/p3dv4 addons, then going to p3dv4/LatinVFR/ and removing the Baltimore_KBWI folder, then re-install accordingly.
  • 1- ALS lighting fix, to be more uniform according to real world specifications
  • 2- Mesh issues, softened the mesh transitions.
  • 3- Ground dynamic lights issue, removed the normal maps (bump) to certain ground textures that was causing some visual issues at night with the dynamic lights of user aircraft. Removing these maps might give a performance bump on certain systems.
  • 4- Taxiway bumpy fix, fixed some issues with certain taxiways and some ground that was bumpy.
  • 5- SODE jetway fix, certain jetways did not align correctly with certain aircraft, this version fixes it.
  • 6- Manual edited, certain elements such as performance and the SODE developer
  • 7- Added some traffic lines nearby the airport.
  • 8- Fixed issue with grass that was intersecting a taxiway.
  • 9- Among other small issues.

Please make sure you run the scenery with the mesh setting slider to 2 meters or higher (3,4,5 etc)

Any issues contact us in support(at)
The new installer should be ready for download now at simmarket.