Hey guys,

as you may know, the 767-300ER has gone into retirement but got something to sit in place and take their position which is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which AmeriCay have Inquired 2 for the time being, not sure if more will be in but here are my shots on the first Inaugural flight to Paris my favourite route if I do say so myself.

On Climb out from Miami Airspace.

Some weather below but smooth ride on the climb.

Gotta love Active Sky

In Bermuda Airspace in the Dusk Setting.

Pretty Flight Deck eh?

Sky Interior Lights in action

Descending into France Airspace at Dawn time.

Lots of clouds, had to check in the metar, metat did say it was clear and calm

The countryside can be seen below.

Speed was a bit high so had to depend on speed brakes to slow me a bit down.

On final.

No backtracking shots since had traffic on Approach for the same runway and went through the After-Landing Checklist.
Here we are at Terminal C (C8)

Ground Crew offloading Luggage Containers.

Them RR's look really intimidating.