Afternoon Peeps,

Here are some shots of the Island Hopper other known as Cayman Express Last Flight for the day for the Saab before entering their pajamas.

On the Ground.

Door Closed, Crosscheck & about to start up engines.

No Backtracking photos sorry

Turning Right for 268 Heading until VOR has been intercepted.

Leaving Brac Behind.

Still on the Climb Out.

Cruising @ 9K Ft, not a bad view up here!

Forgot to take some shots on arrival, had ATC & 2 departures so had to maintain separation. Here's a shot when vacating the runway.

Ayyeee he about to do the 'Dab'

That's it, aircraft button up and the KX Team will either finish button ups there or relocate the Saab to the hangar to make space for the big airliners.

Take Care.