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Thread: LatinVFR KMIAv4 updated with SODE jetways

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    LatinVFR KMIAv4 updated with SODE jetways

    Hello, we have just completed an update to KMIA adding SODE jetways.

    Today we have uploaded installers that will add SODE jetways to our KMIAv4 products for p3dv4 and FSX.

    These jetways have a greater detailed and more realistic animation than the current CTRL+J jetways...

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    I just tried and looks amazing, thank you Ricardo!

    Best regards,

    Walter Almaraz Roca

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    Thank you.

    For those who bought from our website please email us.

    If you also bought via the Flight Sim Store, please email us too with your order number so we can send you the links

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