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Welcome Aboard!

  A very warm welcome to the brand new home of Cayman Airways Virtual! Our beloved little airline has been serving the Flight Simulation community since July 6th 2007. We are a thriving virtual airline for users of FS2004,FSX, X-Plane and Prepar3D. Simulating the operations of our Real World counterpart, Cayman Airways, our main philosophy is to ensure realism, professionalism and perfection in everything that we do.
  If you want to take your flying to the next level, or perhaps it is your first time in the flightdeck, we invite you to please take a look around our gorgeous website! You will surely be able to enjoy the fleet and routes that we have to offer. Whether you fancy a quick Rum Run through the Caribbean, a dash across the US, or perhaps an Alpine Adventure in Europe, we can accommodate your needs!

Airline Facts

196 Pilots
56 Aircraft in our fleet
454 Routes Available
1897 Completed Flights
4 Flight(s) today
47,854,627 Pounds of Jet A-1 burned
4708.02 Hours Flown
1708962 Miles flown

Latest NOTAM

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Featured Destinations

  Each month we are going to make an effort to feature 2 different destinations on our home page. If you fly to these destinations during the month they are featured you can expect to be awarded 5 extra flight hours!
Explore Grand Cayman!
Discover Honduras!
  Cosmopolitan Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the three Cayman Islands. Whether you are looking for complete relaxation, exquisite dining, exciting nightlife or the awesome underwater sights of our oh-so-accessible reefs, we have something for everyone.   La Ceiba Honduras is a friendly city with that "small town" feel. It is surrounded by lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and sandy beaches. Take a flight into La Ceiba or Roatan and enjoy some of the finest zip lining offered anywhere!

Airline Twitter

Current Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Time Remaining Aircraft Flown
Tevin Mcleod SCC671 BIKF KDEN Cruising 40216 353 2:21 N226AC

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Time Remaining Aircraft Flown
Ryan Whittaker CAY793 KJFK MWCR Preflight 21 0 N/A VP-CNG

Latest Submitted PIREPS

Flight # Aircraft Flown Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
CAY4422DHC6-300MWCBMWCR01.09Merlin Prinz-30
CAY4422DHC6-300MWCBMWCR00.37Florian Prinz-133
CYX4423DHC6-300MWCRMWCB00.36Merlin Prinz-108
CYX4423DHC6-300MWCRMWCB00.35Florian Prinz-218
CAY607B737-300MKJPMWCR00.49Zachary Powery-160

Airline News

EuroCay kicks off new routes for World Cup!
Exciting news from EuroCay Airlines! In partnership with GOL airlines, EuroCay has leased a B737-700 and has increased its service into Brasil from Europe. In addition to the increased service across the Atlantic, the leased B737-700 aircraft will operate within South America to several nearby cities that will be hosting games for the 2014 World Cup. Based out of Santos Dumont, these flights are incredibly exciting! Additional information available in our forums, including a route overview. Enjoy the new flights, they won't last long!

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